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Even if you can't attend the symposium we want people to be able to connect and be a part of the conversation! 


What have you seen/been a part of?  #indnewmedia

There has been a growing movement in recent years of indigenous communities using different forms of new media to organize, advocate and communicate. What have you been a part of? What have been your favorite incidences? Share on any form of social media using the hashtag #indnewmedia - This way there can be a community created archive of what has happened!

Have a question?          #indnewmediaQ

Submit a question for the QA section of the symposium. Then watch the livestream to see if yours will be chosen.

Contact us              indmedias[at]

Have some questions about the symposium itself? Send us an email


The Event Will Be Livestreamed

View press release here and press contact

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